Software architects: bad reputation in agile environments

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Software architect

Why people think that in a agile environment there couldn´t be software architects?

Nowadays, it´s very common listen about agile development.

In the article from Simmon Brown at Coding  The Architecture say:

Agile undoubtedly has a number of benefits but it isn’t necessarily the silver bullet that everybody wants you to believe it is. As with everything in the IT industry, there’s a large degree of evangelism and hype surrounding it. Start a new software project today and it’s all about self-organising teams, automated acceptance testing, continuous delivery, retrospectives, Kanban boards, emergent design and a whole host of other buzzwords that you’ve probably heard of.Many software teams seem to think that they don’t need software architects, throwing around terms like “self-organising team”, “YAGNI”, “evolutionary architecture” and “last responsible moment” instead. If they do need an architect, they’ll probably be on the lookout for an “agile architect”.

This is just one of the ideas which definitely detract from the current work of software architects. Simmon’s article published in Coding The Architecture Brown talks about others reasons that make it so frustrating the work of software arquitect today.  The article is excellent, but there is another important risk factor for architects that he don´t mention:  the crisis.

“We want a architect but not paid for him”

Is the thinking of manycustomers, they think that paying a high percentage about the project for a person who draws pictures (UML´s)  is not useful and want a “more agile team”.  But when the have problems of a bad architecture design they ask ¿ and the software architects, where are they?


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