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Job interview simulation

Job interview simulation

| March 9, 2012 | 0 Comments


All the people know that one key to be succesfull in a job interview is be prepared for everything.

In this aspect there are few things that you have to do: seek information on the net about the company, ask collegues and friends if they know the company, make a brief about the posible questions that they can make you…

It is very important to have a idea about the possible things that they are gointo to ask you and have an skeleton of the answers. There is a web that offer you a job interview simulation:

Job interview simulator

Is a flash web that simulate a real but generic interview. There you can find the typical and common questions that a human resources departament can make you. Obviously the application don´t correct  your answers (that is not possible with a flash application) but at the end the application indicated you recommendations  about how could be the answers.