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TeamViewer: remote control

TeamViewer: remote control

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For those who have worked in IT sector companies, a tool for computers remote control is natural and important in support oriented to the end users. They offer us the posibility to connect, by remote way to a computer, avoiding that the technician have to be phisically present. It´s very common and widespread use by the microcomputers departament staff, mainly when the company have delegations distributed over different geographical locations.

These tools are installed as two separate modules:

– Module server: that is installed on the computer to which you want to connect remotely.

– Module client: that is installed on the computers from which you want to initiate connections.

Examples of tools of this style are:

UltraVNC: an application that is distributed as both client and server module under GPL license.

Radmin: this tool requires pay per use mode server, but free for instalation at client machines.

Teamviewer: free for personal use only.

The biggest problems when using remote control software are caused by firewalls, blocked ports and NAT routers for IP local directions. Well, Teamviewer without using any network configuration, it will find always the method to reach from machine who started communication to the machine that we want to access by remote mode.

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Initially, I  was skeptical about this feature, that remarks on its website and I realized an test:

– Remote machine: the server that i have in my own home. I didn´t configure any port redirection in muy router, only install de the application assigning a username and password to access.

– Client machine: computer that i used in my job within a government institution. I don´t know any thing about network configuration security.  To give you an idea, you can not even use port 23 from within organization.

Teamviewer installed on the remote computer (my home) and the client using teamviewer portable from the computer in my job, I could connect without problems. No additional configuration, no connections problems…

I think that it is the biggest advantage of this tool, but it has many others. I will not delve into these advantages, because i dont want to give the impression of doing advertising for Teamviewer, I only recommend try it.

Sure, you will surprise…

Do you know others remote control tools that have this simply communication setup in information networks?

Source: Official Web TeamViewer.

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